“It’s Primary Care like you would design yourself.” – Access Wellness Member

Convenient Healthcare That Gives You Direct Access To Your Doctor –
At A Predictable Monthly Rate

With the rising costs and ‘red tape’ of healthcare today, wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to talk to your doctor when you need to without having to worry about a big bill or jumping through hoops?

We thought you might say yes to that… so we have designed two revolutionary wellness programs for you and your family that puts your relationship with Dr. Haynes first.

Essentially, each program focuses on your health and vitality through preventive care (wellness evaluations and advanced diagnostics), handling issues as they arise (such as a flu or minor injury) and advancing your personal health goals (such as weight loss or improved energy).

As a member of one of these innovative programs, you receive:

  • Same or next day appointments.
  • Unrushed appointments.
  • Healthcare while travelling via virtual visits.

By having the medical expertise and support as you need it, AND a predictable monthly investment, you have peace of mind that is uncommon when it comes to healthcare.

Even more, you have a personal relationship with Dr. Haynes to answer your questions, get the medications and vaccines you need, and benefit with all labs at a wholesale price and tests that – in most cases – are covered with no additional charges to member patients.

Premier Concierge Medicine Program

For a flat monthly membership fee, you receive all the benefits of the Access Wellness Program PLUS direct access to Dr. Haynes around the clock, including telemedicine visits, for added convenience.

This program is a great option for those who want peace of mind of mind with 24/7 direct access to their personal physician’s private mobile phone and email from anywhere in the world, personalized results-driven health coaching, no wait times when at the clinic, local inpatient hospital visits, local home visits and more.

There are a number of additional benefits as well; please see the Premier Concierge Medicine Program page for more details.

A Flat Monthly Rate For Optimal Healthcare

These programs are designed to support adults and families with an individual plan, a couples plan and a family plan for optimal budgeting. A flat rate for membership brings you the following benefits:

Visits: ALL* clinical and telemedicine (webcam, email, phone) visits are provided without additional fees, making it easy and fast to connect with Dr. Haynes.

Procedures: Most minor procedures are included in your membership, such as: ear wax removal, stitch removal, abscess drainage. Some procedures may have a small fee, such as wart freeze ($15/lesion) and pap smear ($35 lab fee).

Prescriptions: We off many prescription medications at wholesale pricing to members – a 50% – 90% savings! – by partnering with a local pharmacy.

Labs & Tests: All labs are at our wholesale price and most tests are covered without additional fees, including: urinalysis, EKG (heart), spirometry (lungs), Urine HCG pregnancy test. All labs and tests will be provided at “wholesale” rates (without additional mark-up); most common tests are $20 or less.

Vaccinations: Your membership gives you access to vaccinations at guaranteed low rates, including: flu vaccine ($25, or for 65+ – just $55), tuberculosis (TB) $35, Hepatitis B $60, Tdap (Tetanus) $40.

Radiology: We have a discount network of affordable imaging studies for our members which, on average, mean a 70% – 90% savings for self-pay or patients with high-deductible plans. For example, x-rays are $25 – $65, an MRI is $240 – $525, CT Scans are $125 – $185, Bone Density Scans are $50, Mammography is $145 – $175 and Ultrasounds are $65 – $225.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that healthcare has become not only expensive but also nearly requires you to become an insurance specialist! These programs make your health care expenses very reasonable AND easy.

Access Wellness Program

For a flat monthly membership fee in the Access Wellness Program, you receive all the benefits above.

Monthly Individual Membership Rates:

Children (age 0 – 18): $59
Adults (age 19 +): $99

Monthly Family Membership Rates:

Couples plan (2 adults, any age, no children): $149
2-parent family plan (2 adults + 1 child): $199*
Single parent family plan (1 adult + 1 child): $129*

* Additional children may be added to family plans for $50/month per child.

In the words of patients:

The services that you provide for your patients, such as me, you’re the Best! I can call you anytime and come into your office on a short notice!! I like that. You take your time to examine, prescribe, and follow up with your patients. Never in a HURRY!! I love it!

~ Carolyn, Daytona Beach, FL

There is so much to say about Dr. Haynes! She is amazing! I have never been in a practice where the Dr takes their time with you and genuinely listens to your needs. She is the best! I love that she has a sense of humor too! I refer everyone I can to Dr. Haynes!

~ Love, Cristina, New Smyrna Beach, FL

What can I say about Family First Health Center….God Bless them! When my Boss at Allstate recommended I make an appointment, I was apprehensive. I’ve had so many Doctors that did not take the time to answer my questions for their next appointment was at the door and could only give me 10 minutes of their time. Not good when you have problems as big as mine.

I got out of the hospital in November. I was diagnosed with COPD and a clogged artery. My 30-day supply of prescriptions were gone. I did not want to go to the hospital to get refills for I would have to go through all the testing again. So, I coughed and was sick for 3 days wondering what to do next.

My boss told me to call Dr. Delicia.  My first appointment was Christmas break when the staff was leaving for the week. Dr. Delicia knew my case was at the utmost point of being serious. Not only was my first appointment in the evening with the Doctor, but, she stayed that evening after the staff left and answered all my questions. She checked my vitals and gave me my refill forms to pick up my prescriptions. That’s an A+ in my book. I was very comfortable explaining my situation to her.

I’m 65 years young and since I have not had a Doctor as understanding – and devoted, I might add – as Dr. Delicia, I will be a member of hers for a very long time. I’m on Medicare now but will have Dr. Delicia as my Primary as long as she will have me. I would recommend that office to anyone.

The staff is wonderful. Never a dull moment in her office. The staff is warm and very knowledgeable to my needs. They make it very easy to have blood drawn when they know I am a baby.  I really enjoy going to appointments because I know all will be smiling and taking good care of my needs.
Thanks Dr. Haynes… you are awesome!

~ Joyce, South Daytona, FL

As a result of being a member of Family First Health Center, I now have peace of mind about my healthcare needs. Being a new resident in Daytona Beach, Dr. Haynes’ services are a great complement to traditional healthcare insurance. I was so pleased to be connected with Dr. Haynes and discover that physicians who truly care about people still exist. Her approach to people-centric healthcare makes the difference. It’s always hard to sit in a doctor’s office sharing sensitive or embarrassing healthcare issues; talk about feeling vulnerable! Dr. Haynes is attentive, responsive, and treats you as a person, not a disease or a symptom. She is easily accessible for questions and appointments which is great since most of us don’t think about our health until there is some immediate or urgent need. Her friendly and knowledgeable clinical and administrative team are a great complement to her work and leadership.

~ Amanda, Ormond Beach, FL

By far the best Dr I’ve ever had! Love her!!

~ Ken, Edgewater, FL

Excellent physician! Sits with you and explains details at length. Very compassionate and thorough.

~ Mark, Port Orange, FL

I have to say, I have never had a PCP like Dr Haynes. She is patient, she listens and she truly cares. Everyone of her staff members is polite and professional. I leave her office feeling so blessed to have found such an amazing physician! Thank you Dr Haynes…and staff!!

~ Shannon, Port Orange, FL

Dr Haynes is the best Doc in Volusia county, she really cares.

~ Herbert, Holly Hill, FL

I had some hair on the nape of the neck that really annoyed me. I had the hair removed her at FFHC by laser hair removal and was thrill with the results. my neck is smooth and hair free. If anyone wears their hair down or up this procedure is amazing

~ Anne, Daytona Beach, FL

Join Now

Joining either program is easy and can be done in just a few minutes using your computer. Simply click which program you would like to join now, follow the prompts and your membership will begin immediately.

Your monthly payment will be processed every 30 days. (Note: you may withdraw from the program at any time by simply letting us know via email that you want to terminate your membership.)

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to connect with you personally for more details on this program.

Great health begins by having the peace of mind that comes from direct access and a relationship with your personal physician. Give yourself that advantage by joining one of our leading-edge programs today.

We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you in your health and wellness goals!

Dr. Haynes and the Family First Healthcare Team

P.S.: Please note that this is NOT an insurance plan! This is an innovative approach to modern medicine that is designed to give you maximum convenience and access to your doctor for a simple monthly membership fee. We look forward to serving you as a patient member!